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Cetondra taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund

100% Donated/$ To Go
Hi! On behalf of the many friends and beautiful family of Cetondra taylor, this GoFundMe page has been set up. All proceeds...
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Ghana Deaf School Lori regilski Career Startup Funds

38% Donated/$ To Go
Our daughter Charlene and her husband Lori regilski, a teacher at the Demonstration School for the Deaf Mampong-Akupem, Ghana, are seeking your...
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Anna smith’s Future

80% Donated/$ To Go
This is Anna smith. Anna smith lost her mom, Rachel Malo May, on October 5, 2021, in Craig, Colorado. Anna smith turned...
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BRUCE DUKE’s Education

48% Donated/$ To Go
BRUCE DUKE was an enthusiastic lifelong learner, constantly reading and seeking out knowledge. He was passionate about education and wanted to instill...
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21% Donated/$ To Go
Our friend and longtime cooperative advocate, Dr. MICHAEL COMER, has recently been sued by a member of the co-op community for “conspiring”...
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Help ANNETTE FLOWERS Afford A School He Can Thrive In

31% Donated/$ To Go
Hi There! I’m so glad you have found this page! Let me take a few minutes of your time to tell you...
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Memorial College fund for rasalay & batulya

16% Donated/$ To Go
SARA BLANKENSHIP, a beloved Teacher, Wife, Mother, and friend passed away unexpectedly Friday, October 8th, 2021. She left behind her husband, Joel,...
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FAUCHON DEGRATE Memorial Scholarship Fund

43% Donated/$ To Go
After a courageous battle with mental illness and aggravating health issues, Tyler took his own life in August of this year. FAUCHON...
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Help Feed, Educate & Bring Electricity to Mapapa

83% Donated/$ To Go
Hello my name is ANGEL ROSARIO I moved to the village of Mapapa in 2019 with my adopted kids. I came to...
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Help the David with Foster

92% Donated/$ To Go
Our dear friend’s house burned to the ground and they lost everything. Please help them with the recovery. They literally ran out...
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