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URGENT: Sunny has less than a week to live

URGENT: Sunny has less than a week to live
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Sunny was rescued by RHR as a tiny puppy.
She had a loving foster home until she was adopted.
Her adoptive home didn’t work out. She ended up back at the kennel where she became one of my favorites.
But then some of the dogs from the kennel were sent to a so-called sanctuary with an animal abuser. The director looked many of us in our eyes and told us she was sending them to a sanctuary with a dog trainer. Neither was true. It was not a sanctuary. It was a death sentence.
The “dog trainer” David Howery was not but rather a known convicted animal abuser of 295 counts of prior animal abuse and he was running from the law. This animal abuser was employed to watch over Ruff House dog’s in Kentucky.

My girl Sunny was one of the last dogs to leave Island Park to Kentucky where two days later Guardians of Rescue seized all the animals as they were found in the most deplorable conditions. Sunny was one of them and she was sent to a shelter where we believed she was safe but until a few days ago she is no longer safe. I am livid at what has been done to these poor defenseless animals and I am pleading now for your help to save Sunny.
I am telling my story now and have a few days left to save her life. We have looked into facilities to take her and I need to raise money to do just that. For all of you that have donated to my Birthday in the past I did not run a Birthday fund raiser for Ruff House this year there was no way. For all of my friends that have supported me and donated each year for Strutt Your Mutt I have not asked this year but now I am begging you to please help save Sunny. I have less than one week to raise money and to save her. We have a location to send her for life but I need to reach my goal of $6,500 dollars or she is set to die. This will pay for her transport, temporary boarding, and lifetime care. I again ask each and everyone of you to please help me. Please donate to this go fund me and share it everywhere. Any amount of money will be so appreciated. Sunny does not deserve to die she was safe here in Island Park until it was decided to send her off to David Howery now in Jail. Thank you for taking the time to read and share this