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SHELLEY YASU Memorial Scholarship

SHELLEY YASU Memorial Scholarship
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SHELLEY YASUI was studying at PCC, with excited hopes to transfer to his dream university, USC. While the pandemic had put a halt on sports, his true passion was running. He excelled as a runner on the SPHS Track & Field and the Cross Country teams, even competing and winning competitions outside of school. Ever since he was little, he was always delighted in having an animal nearby, whether it was a pet, on a trip to his favorite zoo, or on a safari in Africa. Traveling gave him all the thrills in life, as he would so proudly declare, “I’ve been to every continent in the world except Antarctica!” He was touched by all of the wonders, the cultures, and the beauty of nature and the world. He was surrounded by energetic friends, a caring and beautiful girlfriend, and a loving family.

On October 2nd 2021, our dearest SHELLEY YASUI took his own life. Overwhelmed with emotions and growing anxiety, his tunnel vision brought him to the old bridge in Pasadena where he impulsively made the decision to calm his suffering. The isolation and after-effects from the pandemic had taken a heavy toll on his mental and emotional well-being.

We fully understand tha SHELLEY YASUIis not unique in this situation. Many others are under the same stress and isolation and desperately need the same support that we tried to give Andre. Bringing awareness to this issue is the first step, but we must work as a community to eliminate the stigma behind mental health challenges and suicide.

We had great hopes of supporting him in his academic endeavors, because he was finally beginning to take hold of his life and future. In honoring SHELLEY YASUI memory and his life, we hope to raise enough money for an academic scholarship in his name. His legacy will continue to support students financially so they can achieve their goals as we knew he would have achieved his. While we wish to fundraise in his honor, we believe that this will bring awareness and spark conversations on how we can not only assist others academically, but also support those overwhelmed by emotional or mental stress.

With strength and love,