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Saying Goodbye to our HASH

Saying Goodbye to our HASH
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My name is Ashley Engmann. I am asking for help to raise finances to cover my grandson’s final expenses. HASH is only 10 years old. He contracted a Covid disease that weakened his immune system and made him susceptible to other illnesses. He contracted a second virus that targeted his heart and caused inflammation. This made it impossible for his heart to pump blood around his body. He has been on life support since September 30 until now. We’ll all be saying our final goodbyes to him tomorrow, October 12. I’ll be helping my sister Amber get organized and do everything I can to help her through this. As many of you know, Amber had an accident 8 years ago. She was hit by a truck while 6 months pregnant, lost her third son, Zekiah, and almost died. She was in a coma for 4 months and took several years to recover. HASH is her eldest son. Her second son Zaiden was the only one left. I’m reaching out because we don’t have a way to pay for everything that’s going to happen. My sister is permanently disabled and does not have any life insurance. If you find in it your heart to help us, I will be forever grateful. Thank you all and God bless.