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Robert Mooney’s Fundraiser

Robert Mooney's Fundraiser
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ROBERT PALMER is 29 years old (30 on the 13th October!) and plays rugby for Redditch Rugby Club and represents England for the Fire service Rugby team also. Not only is he a keen rugby player, he works incredibly hard as an ‘on call’ firefighter for Hereford & Worcestershire Fire Service and is self-employed, running his business, ASM Developments, a landscaping and roofing company.
Unfortunately, ROBERT was seriously injured during a rugby game on 2nd October 2021, where he broke his neck, damaged his spinal cord and it is apparent that his injuries are life-changing. ROBERT has currently lost use of both of his hands and from his chest down and remains in hospital, on a ventilator and will remain in hospital for a minimum of 6 weeks. Afterward, he will be transferred to a specialist spinal injury rehabilitation centre in Wales for further treatment for several months. Upon his release, his rehabilitative journey will continue. Therefore, ROBERT is likely to be in hospital for the foreseeable future. What the future looks like currently, is very uncertain. All that is known, is that there is a very long road ahead.
Anyone who knows ROBERT will know that he is lucky enough to have an incredible support network comprising of his wife, Victoria, his stepson, Blake, parents, Vanda and Sean and siblings Abbie and Luke. As well as the rest of his wonderful family and friends, who are all a constant pillar of strength for ROBERT. If love and physical support were all that were required, ROBERT would have an abundance.
However, unfortunately support doesn’t just come in that form. ROBERT and Victoria are both self-employed and currently have no income coming into their home, his fire service wage only pays for the times he attends. Whilst ROBERT remains in hospital, his Father, Sean and brother, Luke, are attempting to organise his business for him and Victoria is currently not working whilst she is ensuring ROBERT’s needs are met and so things are naturally going to be tight for them.
Therefore, we want to support the family and we urge you to donate to this page, which will help to provide some financial security for the family, aid their future and relieve the financial burden that they are currently facing.
Thank you very much.