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Putting Timothy together again

Putting Timothy together again
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I write to you as a mom…At approximately 11pm on Friday 8/27/21 I received a phone call from Ryan, my daughter’s adoring fiancé, telling me that my daughter had been struck by a car while waiting to cross the street. He watched her body flying one way and lower left leg another, the driver never stopping. A hit and run! When I arrived at the hospital she was already in the O.R., (Ryan never leaving her side pre or post-surgery) to stop internal bleeding and attempt to re-attach her traumatically severed leg. Over the past 4 weeks Ryan and I have mostly been at the bedside of our beautiful daughter and fiancee, thankful that miraculously she is alive and has not suffered brain damage or paralysis …and that we’re able to hold the hand of her shattered body.
When I say shattered, I’m referring to her traumatically severed lower left leg that could not be re-attached, her fractured neck that has now been surgically fused, her 2 broken arms, her pelvis, fractured in multiple places that was surgically wired back together, and multiple fractured ribs, which were surgically plated. She had been on a ventilator for approximately 3 weeks, had a tracheostomy, and a gastronomy feeding tube (ng tube). TIMOTHY has also suffered bilateral pneumonia. She may yet need additional surgeries.
We have been sustained by the outpouring of love and support from our family, friends, students, and colleagues.
TIMOTHY will need extensive rehabilitation and nursing care, which is how your generous contributions will be utilized.

Thank you so very much!