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Please help Paula rebuild his life!

Please help Paula rebuild his life!
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I am Lisa, the aunt of Paula who was brutally struck by a hit and run vehicle on the early morning of Monday October 13, 2021. Due to this horrific accident Paula has broken 9 out of 12 ribs. broken sternum, a pretty severe break in his right shoulder blade, that requires surgery. Paula C6 vertebrae shattered into many pieces that will require major surgery. Paula also suffered trauma to his left lung and right kidney. Paula received 25 staples in his head to close a very traumatic head injury. Paula is a very hardworking young father who goes to work everyday so that his beautiful wife can be at home with their 3 young boys. Paula is one of the kindest, generous, giving people you would ever meet. Please help our family in raising funds for Mat and his beautiful young family, as Paula will have months of therapy and challenges ahead of him. We love you Paula ! Stay strong!