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Marie and Edward support fund

Marie and Edward support fund
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On Friday, October 8th Marie and Edward were in a horrible motorcycle accident in York, Pennsylvania which resulted in many life threatening injuries. They need your thoughts and prayers. They were airlifted to the hospital and families were finally found and notified Saturday evening thanks to the ER nurses efforts to find their relatives.

Update on Marie as of Monday, October 11th, both of her lungs were punctured in the crash and have fluid in them. She is on a ventilator currently. She has multiple broken ribs, a broken back from her T2-T7, one broken leg and they had to amputate the other leg up to her hip earlier this afternoon due to the damage and infection. She suffered an extensive amount of blood loss due to her hip puncturing through. In the accident she was thrown from the bike and over the railing and fell into a ravine and was found later by a bystander in the creek.

Update on Edward as of Monday, October 11th, they had to immediately amputate his right leg up to his hip. He was found in the road unconscious. He has a broken arm, three broken ribs and one punctured lung. He is also currently on a ventilator.

Anyone who knows Marie and Edward know they are both full of love and life. They were married in early 2019 and Marie has four children all over the country and Edward has one son. Any financial support you can give is appreciated for their long road to recovery. To help cover any medical and health needs moving forward. Right now we are in a waiting game on how extensive their treatment and recovery is going to be.

We will keep everyone updated as much as we know. As of right now only one person is able to enter the hospital to see each of them.