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Lighthouse Academy Theatre Program

Lighthouse Academy Theatre Program
Donation Goal For This Project is $10,000
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Hello! My name is GILES DANCER and I am the theatre teacher here at East Chicago Lighthouse Academy. We are a tuition free K-8 nonprofit charter school located in East Chicago, Indiana and are dedicated to increasing student literacy, preparing students for high school, and educating students through STEM and the arts. Here at East Chicago LHA our theatre program is brand new. We currently have a stage in our gymnasium but we are severely lacking in everything else. With this being the first year with our new theatre program we are looking to increase student interest and participation in three ways-

1) Every student will have at least one quarter of theatre arts classes during the school day
2) Bringing in multiple theatre companies to either perform for the students or with the students in their very own production
3) Create a functional theatre space for future productions; including curtains, lighting, mics, and a starting budget for sets and costumes.

Here is where YOU come in! As a Title I school, we are ideally looking for funds coming from outside the LHA community.

What exactly will your money be going towards?

1) Supplying the theatre classroom. This includes: supplying middle school students with individual notebooks/pencils for daily journals, notes, and playwriting units, supplying K-2 with educational books that we will act out in class, and all crafting supplies so that we can put on our own mini productions!

2) Bringing in Missoula Children’s Theatre this spring to put on a FULL SCALE MUSICAL in under five days! This incredible company comes into your community and casts up to 65 kids on Monday and by Friday the students will be performing a full scale musical! This includes: set, lighting, music, and costumes for every child! MCT also provides workshops during the school day for all students who do not wish to participate in the musical that week. I believe bringing in MCT will spark the creative flame for all students who have always wanted to perform but have yet to have the opportunity.

3) Bringing in KidWorks Touring Theatre Company this Spring during Earth Day. This Chicago-based touring theatre company will come in and perform shows for grades K-5 to educate them about Climate Change! “Global Warming! What’s a kid to do?” is an interactive show that brings the kids to their feet! A perfect way for these students to not only see live theatre, but also become educated about climate change and how we can help.

4) Bringing in GreatWorks Theatre Company this Spring for the Middle School students. Again, this is all about bringing LIVE theatre to the students while furthering their education as well. GreatWorks Theatre Company brings in 60 minute shows that educate students through a variety of topics. Some examples include: The Giver, Anne Frank: Voices from the Attic, The Money Show, 50 States in 60 Minutes and much much more!

5) Creating a functional theatre space is not easy nor free… Our proscenium stage is in need of some love. We currently need: proscenium curtains, masking curtains, backdrops, followspots, stage lighting, costume racks, make up kits, rights for productions, and much much more. This is obviously our biggest project and it won’t come together overnight! Every little bit helps in growing our program and any spare amount we can find in our budget will be dedicated to creating a functional space for these young artists!

Please donate anything you can because every dollar goes a long way. If you cannot donate at this time please SHARE this page as much as possible!