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Help Thien Fight Cancer

Help Thien Fight Cancer
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Hello. I am Luong Dinh and I am fundraising for my friend, Thien Chau.

Thien is a really nice person with a smile on his face. Several months ago, he started having some problem with the digestive system and then started vomiting more often. He thought that the stomach ache was coming back and started seeing a gastroenterologist. After several treatments, the symptoms have not improved and on Sep 08, 2021, the gastroenterologist had the initial diagnosis that he got liver cancer. Until now, he had done all the screening tests and biopsy and confirmed that he is now in stage 3 and immediate treatment is needed.

He is the only worker in the family of four but with his current health status, he is not able to work any more. His wife currently needs to spend all her time taking care of him and the two little sons who are just 5 and 3 years old. He does not have any relatives in the US. His current insurance does not cover cancer. So far the medical expenses for all the tests and several times in the emergency room have consumed all of his family’s savings. He now wants to come back to Vietnam and continue the treatments over there but his current health situation is not good for that long flight. He needs some more treatments to help him reach stable health to travel. He needs help to cover the medical expenses over here, the flight tickets for the whole family to Vietnam and the future treatments in Vietnam.

At the age of 33 and the father of two little sons, he still has a lot of things to do… And he cannot make it without your help. No donation is too small. Please consider helping if you are able to.