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Help Save Meca!

Help Save Meca!
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Hi, my name is Celisia and I am coming to you with a request that is difficult for me to even type now: I desperately need help funding life-saving care for my cat, Meca.

Earlier this week, Meca started behaving strangely. We discovered he was using the bathroom outside of his litter box, something he had never done before. We thought it was rebellion due to a dirty litter box (he’s a cat who loves extreme cleanliness), until he started limping and straining to pee. The next morning, we found him laying in the kitchen, covered in his own urine, and we quickly rushed him to the vet.
After a urinalysis and exam, they found the problem: he’d developed crystals in his urine and now had a urinary obstruction that needed to be removed or he would die. We agreed to the procedure and he spent the night at the animal hospital. The price tag for this first visit and procedure was $1,800.

This is where I need to pause for some backstory. I am a wedding photographer and podcast producer, and in 2020 my entire life savings was stolen by my financial advisor who defrauded a combined $2.2 million from more than 20 of his clients (you can listen to this episode of my podcast Truer Crime is you want the full story). My partner, Andrew is an elementary school teacher. As much as we wish we could prioritize Meca’s life above literally everything, this has been a huge financial strain on us both. And the $1,800 was just the start of it.
Today we had to bring Meca back into the vet because he was re-obstructed (something that is not uncommon among cats who with this condition). The good news is his prognosis actually looks good. Urinary crystals and obstructions are actually rather common for boy cats, and there are treatments and surgeries that can help them get healthy and avoid future complications. The bad news is all of this comes with a really hefty price tag.

The procedure tonight cost $1,500, and depending on how long he has to stay at the hospital for observation, his stay could be up to an additional $3,000. He’s also being evaluated for whether he will need Perineal Urethrostomy Surgery which will prevent him from having future obstructions. This could cost up to $3,000.
Tonight, Andrew and I had a difficult conversation about if we could even afford to save Meca. Our conclusion is we need help, and out of desperation we are starting this GoFundMe.

Meca is a member of our family. I rescued him one morning after hearing him meowing loudly outside the window of my apartment’s laundry room. He loves food and is a certified con-man when it comes to tricking his parents into thinking he hasn’t been fed. He has two cat brother who love him dearly, and he is the cuddliest boy to everyone he meets.
We know money is tight for so many people and we do not take your generosity lightly. We so appreciate any and all funds you share to help save our very beloved cat son.

As a thank you, here is a comparison photo of Meca and his celebrity lookalike, Chance the Rapper.