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Help Nancy continue her education

Help Nancy continue her education
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In the summer of 2021 my close friend Nancy was sent five thousand dollars from the University of San Francisco. After repeatedly clarifying that the money was for her and did not need to be paid back, she used the money to pay for school expenses and a flight to San Francisco. After arriving on campus, Nancy began her first ever in person semester after a year of online classes. However this excitement was short lived. A few weeks into the semester USF required that she pay back the money by November or be unenrolled. Instead of exploring the campus or focusing on classes, Nancy has spent her time meeting with advisors, the financial office, and trying to find a job that can offer her enough hours to make five thousand dollars in less than two months. Asking Nancy to pay five thousand dollars by November with less than two months notice in addition to her already expensive tuition is unreasonable and a huge strain on Nancy and her family. Please help Nancy to raise money to pay the university back and allow her to continue her education.