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Help my Lisa mixxel Sister get to safety

Help my Lisa mixxel Sister get to safety
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My sister and my family are trapped in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan. My sister Nel is 13 years old. Her dream is to become a dentist. I need to relocate them so that she can continue her education and stay safe. We expect Mazar to fall any day now. Mazar is an important city in North Afghanistan and the battle for it will be bloody, my family lives right in the middle of it. The Taliban will close schools and not allow girls to go to school. I can’t afford to relocate them myself. I’m a Fulbright alumna and now live in the US. For security reasons, I am not including my sister’s full name or picture. It would be risky to publicize that she is receiving foreign support right now. Will you please donate to help me find a safe place for my sister to continue her education? Every bit will help.