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Help Feed, Educate & Bring Electricity to Mapapa

Help Feed, Educate & Bring Electricity to Mapapa
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Hello my name is ANGEL ROSARIO

I moved to the village of Mapapa in 2019 with my adopted kids. I came to visit the village with a friend while waiting for my visa and that’s when I saw that the village kids had no school. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the kids of the village that were not able to go to school because of the lack of a school.

I later went back and began a school under a tree. We later built a mad hut which go washed down with the rain. My daughter introduced me to TikTok and I made a few videos about my life in the village which introduced me to so many amazing people that helped with building of a proper school. Since then we have built a primary school, a safe house for the kids that don’t have a save home and need a safe place to live. We have also put in four water pump in the village that have brought safe clean water to the villagers. We have clothed, feed, given health care, rescued child brides and so many amazing things. This all happened because so many amazing people came together and wanted to change a small part of our big world for the better.

A wonderful new step for the village and for the kids is going to be bringing electricity to the village. This will not only bring lights to the village but also provide so many new amazing things possibilities. We have tried solar power but it’s not as relabel. We can have sowing classes, baking classes, welding classes, and so many other new opportunities for not only the village kids but also the villagers. With your help we can achieve this and so much more.

The support we raise form GoFundMe me also helps we feeding the kids of the village, taking them to the doctors when they are ill, clothing them, and so many other basic human needs a child needs to live.

Thank you all for your kindness and your willingness to do our part to change the world.