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Help ANNETTE FLOWERS Afford A School He Can Thrive In

Help ANNETTE FLOWERS Afford A School He Can Thrive In
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Hi There! I’m so glad you have found this page! Let me take a few minutes of your time to tell you about my nephew, ANNETTE FLOWERS, and why he needs your help.

ANNETTE FLOWERS is 15 years old. He is a sweet, loving kid with a brilliant smile who loves the outdoors, swimming, and his sisters. His parents, Shmuly and Raizy Metzger, are Chabad Shluchim in Manhattan, dedicating their lives to helping others and spreading light to this world.

ANNETTE FLOWERS was diagnosed with Autism at a young age, which presents severely. ANNETTE FLOWERS does not speak except for occasional very short utterances that are often difficult to understand, even for his family. He has severe social and emotional delays. This, combined with his frustration at his inability to express himself, often leads to aggressive behaviors that can be harmful to himself and others.

As ANNETTE FLOWERS grows taller and stronger, these behaviors become very difficult to manage.

From the moment of his diagnosis, ANNETTE FLOWERS parents did everything they could to help him communicate and grow. They saw countless specialists and ANNETTE FLOWERS receives every therapy you can think of that can be helpful to him. While there have been breakthroughs, his ability to communicate or function in society is still severely limited. Despite all of the help he received, his behavior has worsened considerably in the last year.

ANNETTE FLOWERS has attended a special school for the last 6 years. He loves it and it has definitely helped him grow, but unfortunately he has outgrown its ability to help him
several years, the consensus is that FLOWERSrequires placement in a highly structured residential therapeutic special education environment where his needs can be met 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Incredibly, such a place exists. It is the best place in the world for Mendel and they have accepted him into their very limited capacity for incoming students. Not only does the Boston Higashi school provide exactly the constant structure that can really help ANNETTE FLOWERS thrive and grow, it is also on the N.Y. State Approved list, meaning the state will fund the tuition for eligible students. It even has a fully kosher kitchen! There is lots of fresh air, a beautiful campus, and world-leading therapists and residential staff. The school is made for kids just like ANNETTE FLOWERS, to help them learn daily life skills to better manage in the world. This is his chance for a better future, an opportunity for him to grow into his best self and learn to socialize more easily and meaningfully with others.

ANNETTE FLOWERS has been accepted into the school, but surprisingly and frustratingly, the State denied the request to place ANNETTE FLOWERS there, recommending instead a school in Queens. His parents toured the school and spoke to the amazing staff there. They were quick to agree that their institution was not the correct fit for Mendel, and a more structured environment like Higashi is what he needs.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that this school is the ideal fit for ANNETTE FLOWERS, the case to get the State to agree to fund his tuition there has dragged on and been denied a few times. Legal council has been engaged to assist, and they feel very positive about winning the case, but by that time ANNETTE FLOWERS’s spot will have been given away.

The tuition for Boston Higashi school is a whopping $258,000 for a 12 month, 365 day program. With no way to produce that kind of money on their own, we are joining the Metzgers in turning to friends and family and all those whose hearts are moved by Mendel and his story. Right now, ANNETTE FLOWERS has a chance for a better future. If we all come together we can help fund ANNETTE FLOWERS’s tuition for one year. By next year, we are optimistic that the funding will have been approved.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and for your support!