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Help an aspiring Native community cook

Help an aspiring Native community cook
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My name is KEVIN BROWN. In community, I identify as a Kiikaapoa kwe. I have a number of roles in different spaces and communities. I hold the responsibilities I have been given close to my heart. I presently live in my home community in Kansas.

I have a formal working position with my tribe and am on different boards and committees to care for community. I also recently have been given the responsibility to care for my community’s garden with my sister. Through our community garden work, my sister and I hope to provide healthy and traditional foods and medicines for our relatives. I do informal work through online community organizing and created a hashtag on twitter that has helped provide for Indigenous people every week. In my family, I hold the role as matriarch and my position requires me to plan for my family’s wellness and success. I also am a member of the bear clan and take a role as a community auntie and sister.

I have set up this fundraiser to help me with my goal to become a community cook. I live by the teachings that we all are born with gifts and talents and we use those as best as we can for community. I do have skills that help me do my part for the people, land, and plant relatives. I am passionate about caring for community. I have the privilege of being a person who is apart of communities and I have relatives who support me and the endeavors that I take on. I don’t do things alone as I have family that are willing to help me be a successful leader and community person. Also my communities believe in me enough to allow me to hold these roles and responsibilities.

My goal to become a community cook is rooted in love and an understanding of myself and what I am capable of doing. To reach this goal, I would like to attend a culinary program. The program will take one year of schooling at a school one hour away from my reservation community. The program is a full time in person program requiring me to be in class during the day. I am a parent of three children and I need funds to make it through the one year program. I would need around $2000 a month to pay for essential bills. And I would need about $500 per month for gas to travel to school five days a week. This is the very bare minimum for bills and does not leave much else of room for an inconveniences during the year. I have also included a goal amount for anything that may come up during the year. The program begins in August and I have some time fundraise for this goal.

This ask for support is a big ask, I almost am too afraid to share this. Someone recently said to me that I will never know unless I ask. I am a poor person and I don’t have goals for financial wealth. I have goals to provide for community. I have a goal to become a community cook to help provide access to healthy Indigenous foods. Any support is appreciated.