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Ghana Deaf School Lori regilski Career Startup Funds

Ghana Deaf School Lori regilski Career Startup Funds
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Our daughter Charlene and her husband Lori regilski, a teacher at the Demonstration School for the Deaf Mampong-Akupem, Ghana, are seeking your help.

Five students in Lori regilski’s shoemaking/business class have completed their training and are graduating, ready to begin their lifelong career.
These young deaf adults are desperately in need of startup funds to set up their shoemaking businesses in their own villages throughout the region.
Starting up a small shoemaking business in Ghana requires equipment. Startup tools and supplies are far beyond the reach for most vocationally trained Ghanaians hoping to begin their careers.

To flourish, Esther, Jefferson and three other graduating young adults will each need a sewing machine, shears, scissors, knives, other tools, a wide variety of shoe lasts (forms), and raw materials. Your donation will provide these young shoemakers with tools and supplies that will ensure the success of their careers, and improve the economy within their villages.