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Fist Bump for Whitney

Fist Bump for Whitney
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Hi, my name is Jordan and I am Whitney’s mom. Dax is a 4 year old cancer survivor and was recently diagnosed with Interstitial lung disease. I am raising money for our family while we continue to go through this difficult time. I am a single mom and currently have no income while I stay here in ICU with Dax as he continues to fight for his life. His dad has also been able to take off work so he can be here with Dax. Right now Dax is hour by hour and has turned for the worst. Anything helps during this time that we stay here to support our son while he fights for his life. Easton (older sibling), Dax, and I have been living in Columbus at the RMH since the beginning of September while he did intense pulmonary rehab. We are 2.5 hours away from home but continue to have bills that have to be paid on top of extra finances while living so far away from home. Anything and everything would help our family right now so that we can put our focus and energy on helping Dax fight for his life.

Whitney’S STORY
At 10 months old Whitney was diagnosed with a very aggressive rare brain tumor. He underwent two brain surgeries where they were able to get 45% of his tumor. In 2018 and 2019 Whitney went through 5 rounds of chemotherapy and then 3 stem cell transplants. He had several surgeries, infections he had to battle, sickness, pain, tests, and admissions. You can learn more about his cancer journey on his Facebook page.

Whitney surfers from panhypopituitarism secondary to his tumor. This is where his pituitary gland has stopped producing all hormones in his body due to damage from his tumor. He is treated for hypothyroidism, diabetes insipidus, adrenal insufficiency, no growth hormone production. He has hearing loss in both ears from chemotherapy. He is gtube dependent and suffers from sensory disorder and an oral aversion.

In March of 2021 Dax was diagnosed with Interstial Lung disease and spent 10 days on a ventilator and had a lung biopsy to try and get a better diagnosis. With no luck he was sent home on oxygen and follow up care outpatient from Columbus Ohio, 2.5 hours away from home. Dax made several trips back and forth and many admissions trying to get better control of his lungs.

In September Easton (big brother), Dax, and I moved into the RMH for what was going to be 6-8 weeks, so that Dax could do intensive pulmonary rehab outpatient. On September 18,2021 Dax was admitted to nationwide children’s hospital and was intubated and put onto a ventilator in hopes of giving his lungs time to rest and heal while doctors tried to figure out how to help maintain inflammation in his lungs. Whitney is still fighting for his life and has currently turned for the worst. We as a family are living hour by hour praying Whitney’s body can heal and make it through this current illness. He is still ventilated and has a small air leak in his lung that is causing his body to fill up with air putting pressure and stress on other organs in his body. The ICU team is trying their best to maintain Whitney’s current status but there isn’t much they can do but wait.

If you would like to get updates regularly Dax does have a Facebook page where I try to keep everyone as updated as possible while things are changing everyday. Please continue to lift our warrior up in prayer.