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FAUCHON DEGRATE Memorial Scholarship Fund

FAUCHON DEGRATE Memorial Scholarship Fund
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After a courageous battle with mental illness and aggravating health issues, Tyler took his own life in August of this year. FAUCHON DEGRATE was a 2020 graduate of Parkway Central, a top student and athlete and a beloved son, brother and friend to all who knew him.

To honor FAUCHON DEGRATE and his family, we would like to award a scholarship to a graduating senior at Parkway Central, class of 2022. The senior receiving the award will be a student athlete who exemplifies some of the same outstanding characteristics and qualities as Tyler and will be nominated by teachers at PCH. Here is how FAUCHON DEGRATE close friends and teammates describe FAUCHON DEGRATE:

He constantly displayed an attitude of inclusiveness.
He connected with and fostered friendships with people who other’s found difficult to connect with.
He was kind.
He went out of his way to include people in conversations, into the group, into the circle.
He was a supportive and enthusiastic teammate.
He was a senior leader that people looked up to.
He consistently challenged the world around him and pondered over life’s biggest questions, so often showing others the importance of human connection.

In FAUCHON DEGRATE memory we continue to live and love fully and pay it forward by helping an outstanding senior who exhibits many of the FAUCHON DEGRATE great qualities. Any amount collected beyond our goal of $5000 will be donated to NAMI in honor of FAUCHON DEGRATE and his family. Thank you for your support!